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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Full Circle

Ever feel like no matter where you put yourself, or what you make yourself do... it's never enough?
I'm coming to see this in myself, it's not a problem with the world, it's a problem with me.

I've been quiet for some time here, the veil I pulled on covered things well enough, and for some time I was able to forget my past and look forwards, but maybe it was all a lie.

What I am getting at here, is my fundamental self sabotage I seem to conduct on a daily basis.
I would tear your world in half just to get what I want
But when I have it?   It's not what I thought it should be.

So here I am, still sitting here, typing into this little window, still hoping someone out there will jump in and go
"Hey it turns out your problem is a lack of iron, eat more salad and you'll be happy!"
But fuck that noise, it's not some chemical issue, nor a physical malady.  It's just my demon sitting on my shoulder, pushing me away from the things I should really be doing to make me happy.  That little shadow inside all of us...

I need an angel

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